Memorial event dedicated to M. Boychuk and the repressed boychukists


Memorial event dedicated to M. Boychuk and the repressed boychukists

On November 9, 2018, an event commemorating Mikhail Boychuk and other repressed boychuk artists was held on the territory of the National Historical Memorial Reserve “Graves of Bykivnya”.

Almost every year in these days of November  we honor the memory of Mikhail Boichuk and his colleagues, students and followers who created new Ukrainian art, searched for new forms, developed new concepts and ideas - and that is why they were destroyed by the communist government.

In his opening remarks, the director general of the reserve, Bogdan Bilyashivsky, emphasized the importance of such events, because they bring back to our society the memory of these people. "Mikhail Boichuk was one of the pillars of Ukrainian art at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, the ancestor of an entire school of monumental painting, which was appreciated far beyond Ukraine," Bogdan Bilyashivsky continued, "But today we are not only talking about Mikhail Boychuk, whose name and the work could not get lost among the works of his contemporaries such as Picasso or Rodin.We also talk about his wife Sophia Nalepinska-Boichuk, who worked in the field of graphics, graphic art theorist Ivan Padalko, graphics, monumentalist and teacher Vasyl Sedlyar, painter Ivan Lipkivsky, artists Nikolay Kasperovich, who laid the foundations for scientific restoration in Ukraine, Ivan Orel-Orlenko, etc. They all tried to come back to the origins of Ukrainian history, traditions and codes, embodied in ancient folk ornaments and paintings. Comprehension and an attempt to transmit these traditions at a new level was not perceived by the Soviet authorities. These artists might work for a long time and might leave a much more noticeable mark on world art, but their way of life was interrupted in the dungeon ah NKVD and ended in the common graves of Bykivnya. "