"Bykivnia Tragedy: Names from Nameless Graves" - 2021 (Part 1)


The Soviet totalitarian regime, seeking to subdue and control, destroyed tens or even hundreds of thousands of its own civilians, regardless of age, gender, status, or profession. Very often whole families were subjected to total repression. In many cases, the fates of the wives or children of those repressed in Kyiv during 1937-1941 remain unclear. And those who survived passed on their pain and longing, as well as the memory of the Great Terror to their descendants, who now can be scattered around the world. In order to unite the families of the repressed, as well as to widespread information about Bykivnia burials outside Ukraine, in 2020 the Reserve launches for the first time an English-language version of our electronic project "Bykivnia Tragedy: Names from Nameless Graves". We hope that it will be useful to our foreign readers and partners, as well as to all who are interested in the history of Ukraine.