At the entrance of the Reserve the visitors can see a foto-documentrary exhibition "Bykovnia - the Territory of Memory" dedicated to the history of the special object of the NKVD USSR in the territory of 19-20 blocks of the Bykivnia forest. The purpose of the exhibition is to disseminate among the public information about the history of crimes committed by the communist authorities in Ukraine and in Kiev in the period 1937-1941.
Twelve information stands, located on the second floor of the administrative building, informs on the mass political repressions against the population of the USSR, launched by the NKVD under the leadership of the CPSU (b) headed by I. Stalin, showis the locations in the 1930s of organs of the NKVD USSR in Kiev and the region, along with the internal Kiev prisons, within the walls of which mass executions took place, presents copies of archival documents and photographs of the victims of mass terror, buried in Bykovnya. It also highlights the lengthy process of disclosing the truth about the special plot of the NKVD USSR and demonstrates the results of archaeological research of the joint Ukrainian-Polish expedition of 2001-2012.
Also, at the entrance to the reserve you can see a photo documentary exhibition at 8 stands.